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The dissolution of a marriage (commonly known as "divorce") involves many issues. The main issues are normally the division of the marital assets and spousal support. If there are children, there are issues of child support and child custody / visitation. If spousal abuse is involved, we can help with restraining orders. Our office represents both husbands and wives in dissolution matters.

Besides the main issues in dissolution matters, there are many other smaller issues where we can help. We can help to collect unpaid support. This may involve assistance from the District Attorney's Office. Unpaid child support is a criminal matter that the State of California takes very seriously. Therefore, if a parent does not pay his/her support, he/she may face potential jail time. We can also help to draft and enforce Marital Settlement Agreements. These are informal agreements made outside of court. These agreements (or MSA's) avoid the time, expense, and emotional trauma of having to fight your case in court. We can also help with modifying support orders after your divorce is over. For example, if you lose your job and cannot find a similar paying job, you may be entitled to increased support payments.

Dissolution of Marriage cases are often the most difficult cases we encounter because they are so emotional. California Law says that there is a minimum waiting period of six months before any divorce case can become final. This is a long time and can drag out the emotional process for a long time. We understand how difficult it can be and we aim to make the dissolution process as painless as possible.

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