real estate

Steven L. Lau, Esq. is a licensed real estate broker. As such, one of his areas of specialty is real estate law. His cases focus mainly on Landlord / Tenant disputes and failed Real Estate transactions / contracts. Mr. Lau handles both residential and commercial real estate matters.

Common issues in Landlord / Tenant disputes include unlawful evictions, owner occupancy evictions, Ellis Act evictions, discrimination, and breach of lease. Mr. Lau represents both landlords and tenants.

Failed Real Estate transactions / contracts include fighting to back out of a real estate purchase contract, fighting to enforce a real estate contract that the other party is trying to cancel, failure of a party to meet a contingency, misrepresentation by a seller or agent, claims of wrongdoing by the seller or agent in the acceptance of another buyer's offer in multi-offer transactions, and claims to liquidated damages or commissions. Mr. Lau represents both buyers, sellers and real estate agents.

The best way to handle legal problems is to know how to avoid them in the first place. Knowledge of your rights, the law, and things to do is invaluable to avoiding legal problems. As a service to you, we have reprinted some helpful information on buying a house and renting provided by the State Bar.