rates & billing

Our rates vary depending upon the experience of the attorney working on your case. We use the "team approach" in handling our cases. Generally, one attorney will be assigned to oversee your case. During negotiations or various stages of the litigation, other attorneys with different areas of experience and expertise may work on your case. For example, Edward Lau is the most experienced litigator in the office and therefore has the highest hourly rates. For simple matters such as writing letters and coordinating discovery, it makes no sense to have the most expensive attorney conduct such simple tasks. But when it comes time to call an opposing attorney to negotiate a settlement, mediate your case before a mediator, or try your case before a jury, then we use the most experienced attorney to handle these critical tasks.

Edward C.Y. Lau, Esq. $450
Steven L. Lau, Esq. $380
Shirley C. Lau, Paralegal $180