The Lau & Lau Law Group was originally formed in 1973 by Edward C.Y. Lau, a prominent Chinese lawyer in San Francisco. He was one of the very first Chinese lawyers in the Bay Area and handled many high profile cases. His son, Steven Lau, joined the firm in 1994. In 2005, Steven became a partner of the firm.

The Firm prides itself in being hard working and dependable. It strives to garner trust from its clients with the competence to get the job done while at the same time remaining cognizant of accruing legal fees. The Firm realizes that litigation is expensive. Its practice and work philosophy is to seek a balance between legal fees and success by actively seeking out less costly and intrusive alternatives to dispute resolution (such as private mediation and other settlement methodologies), if at all possible. This minimizes stress, time, and the cost of litigation.

The Lau & Lau Law Group is first and foremost a litigation law firm. Although it does handle contracts and transactional cases, the firm is known for its ability to resolve cases in court. However, this does not mean it likes to take all of its cases to trial, which can be quite expensive. What is important is that its lawyers are experienced courtroom litigators, and as such are not afraid to go to Court if all else fails. Most cases settle before going to trial. In obtaining the best settlements for clients, it is important to have a Firm that has a goal towards settlement but is not afraid to go to trial should negotiations fail. Often times the mere threat of litigating a case at trial is enough to encourage a favorable settlement. The firm is unique in that it is a Chinese law firm and is familiar with Chinese culture and thinking, which can be significant in determining "intent' and "state of mind" in litigation.

While the firm can handle most types of litigaiton, its practice primarily focuses upon two areas of law -- Divorce & Business Disputes.






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