Free case evaluation / consultation

The Lau & Lau Law Group offers a free initial case evaluation. You can send an email with your question. Please be as detailed as possible and feel free to attach any relevant documents. You will receive a response within 1 business day, or usually the same day.

If you prefer to talk to a lawyer, the Firm offers a free 15 telephone consultation. Extremely complex or document intensive cases may recevie a free 15 - 30 minute face-to-face meeting in one of our offices. Please contact the Firm by email to make an appointment for a free telephone or office meeting consultation.

For this free offer, please send your email to Yelp@LauNet.Com. In the subject of your email, please state "Yelp Inquiry" followed by a dash and your name as the subject of your email, as follows:

Yelp Inquiry -- John Doe

In the body of your email, please state:

1) Whether your issues relate to Family Law, Civil Litigation, or Real Estate Law,

2) The city where you live (for Family Law), where the incident took place (for Civil Litigation), or where the property is located (for Real Estate Law),

3) For a Free Consultation by Email -- Please describe your sitaution and state your questions; or for a Free Conultation by Telephone -- Please provide your telephone number with a good time to call.